“The moral of the story is that seeking truth, rather than fear of pain or the desire for happiness, is the correct orientation toward inner work, since seeking happiness makes you its prisoner just as surely as does pain.” (Sandra Maitri)

Free Consultation

If your are not sure about the Enneagram as tool for self-development and have questions, or if you just want to get to know me, I am happy to meet you and discuss your personal requirements.

1 session / 45 minutes

Discover your Type

Personal typing interview plus feedback

If you are new to the Enneagram or unsure about our type this Typing Interview will help you to discover your Enneagram type.

1 sessson (60 minutes interview + 30 minutes review session)

Identifying wings, instincts, and subtypes

If you are unsure between two or more types, or feel that you are missing some of the characteristics that are typical for your type, we will explore your inner landscape and take a closer look at wings, instincts and subtypes to guide you towards correctly identifying your type.

3 - 5 sessions (60 minutes each)

Enneagram Deep Dive

Inner growth and self-development for your type

If you are already sure about your type, I will guide you through the exploration of the strength and challenges that come with our specific type structure. Together, we will explore the specific patterns of your type as well as your wings, subtype, path of growth, level of development, defense mechanisms and communication patterns.

3 - 5 sessions (60 minutes each)

Ongoing guidance and self-development

In these sessions we identify the specific areas you want to grow and develop. The goal is to become aware of the type-specific fixations that keep you from being the best version of yourself.

ongoing sessions (60 or 90 minutes)

Spiritual Enneagram Guidance

Finding your way back home

The Enneagram not only reveals our personalities, but can help to deepen our spiritual awareness and guide us in our process of reflection and spiritual growth.

ongoing sessions (90 minutes)